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In recent years, the outdoors has become indispensable. The climate is changing, we have found that vacationing in our own gardens is nice, and we value our living spaces. We understand these developments, see them and tackle them with both hands. Because as a passionate family business, outdoor living has been in our hearts since 1966 and we know exactly which must-haves are needed to create the perfect garden. These are our 6 product groups; canopies, garden furniture, outdoor kitchens, awnings, Jacuzzi® and swimming pools.

DNA Teak Lounge chair

The light of the Mediterranean has always been an inspiration and a source of life: an essential reason to enjoy life outdoors. DNA TEAK expresses the Mediterranean lifestyle, the essence of  Baroon Outdoor Furniture.   The DNA TEAK outdoor furniture collection is a series of designer furniture conceived to configure spaces on different terraces and Contract installations.   The DNA TEAK lounge chair is a designer armchair made using a construction system that employs aluminum profiles and wood slats assembled directly into the profiles themselves, so that they are perfectly integrated into the structure. You can choose between different powder-coated colors for the frame, the ones that best suit your needs and the characteristics of your space. Comfort is provided by the soft cushions, filled with foam rubber covered with water-repellent fabric, and available in all outdoor-quality.   It is an outdoor Sofa set with an architectural character, comfortable and easy to integrate into all types of environments, designed to complement all the other designer pieces in the DNA TEAK collection

Onsen 2 Seat sofa

“The play of light and shadow, the contrast between empty and full, the combination of opposing concepts … We have imagined a system that aspires to dialogue in the same languages that both architecture and nature use.”  Baroon Outdoor Comfort   Naturalness in finishes, simplicity in shapes, versatility, and timelessness characterize the ONSEN collection designed by Baroon Outdoor Comfort. The materials in ONSEN work together to create sculptural volumes with pure lines that dialogue in harmony with any architectural space, from intimate interiors to large contract installations.   The ONSEN 2-seat sofa is one of the most representative pieces in the collection. This designer sofa has a satin stainless steel tubular structure with no artificial surface treatment and leather-effect vinyl straps on the back, arms, and seat. Your comfort is guaranteed thanks to the tailored cushions. These also feature removable covers and are decorated with a unique piping detail that characterizes the collection.


ISLA BLANCA is a collection of outdoor furniture with a functional and elegant design created by Baroon Outdoor Comfort. The refined lines of this designer piece of furniture, clean and free of superfluous ornament, are inspired by the cubic rotundity, volume play, and sobriety of traditional Ibizan constructions. ISLA BLANCA is a tribute from our CEO to the Mediterranean lifestyle and the connection with the nature of Ibiza, an island that he visited years ago and for which he felt a fascination that endures despite the passing of the years.  

Umbra Folding parasol

Designed by Baroon Outdoor Comfort , the UMBRA folding parasol offers a safe and reliable design adapted to the personality of the Baroon outdoor furniture.   The UMBRA folding parasol, made with 100% acrylic canvas, highly UV resistant, and water repellent, is supported by a robust pole made of powder-coated aluminium with super-durable powdered paint. Its base is composed of a set of concrete tiles hidden by a galvanized steel cover that provides great stability as well as mobility, thanks to its four wheels with brakes.   Its square shape and eccentric-type configuration allows the axis to be moved from its base to one side, enabling it to be positioned at different angles with a rotation of up to 360º. It can also be adjusted in height, which facilitates its versatility and adaptation to any outdoor environment.   The UMBRA folding parasol can be folded into a fan shape for storage and includes a protective cover. Versatile, practical, stable, and resistant, this designer umbrella manages to imbue any space with Mediterranean style and freshness.  


NAO-NAO is the contemporary version of the traditional garden swing with three seats, reinterpreted using Baroon designed materials: aluminum and nautical fabric.   NAO-NAO is a designer sofa swing, formed by a structure of anodized or thermo-lacquered aluminum in bottle green, quartz grey, sand, white, grey blue, anthracite… Covered in plastic material, the seats and back rests have foam cushions in waterproof fabric that can be personalized in different colours, from the most plain to the most vivid.   The simplicity of its lines make this designer sofa swing the natural extension of your terrace, garden and large Contract project.


DAYBED is the collection of daybeds designed by Baroon Outdoor Comforts. Inspired by the outdoor Mediterranean lifestyle and contemporary architecture, they are a perfect oasis for escaping from daily life.   The elevated DAYBED is a daybed that is raised 60 cm from the floor, made aluminium profiles in white, agate grey, cement grey, wine red, sand, bronze, anthracite…, and with Soltis, a fabric canvas. The back is reclinable. Cushions and seat pads are made of polyurethane foam rubber covered with water-repellent fabric. The removable upholstery is available in a range of finished and colours. Choose the one that best satisfies your personal tastes and the demands of your space.   More than a covered outdoor bed, the DAYBED is a Baroon outdoor comfort icon, a perfect piece of outdoor furniture for enjoying in gardens, on terraces and Contract installations.

Pergolas Module 1 floor 360×360

PERGOLAS takes the step from furniture to small-scale architecture that we always wanted to take, developing it and bringing it closer to light architecture with new, more sophisticated and complex designs.”   PÉRGOLAS was created in order to enjoy life outdoors 365 days a year and to host all the Baroon outdoor furniture collections and create complete outdoor experiences. It is a system of modular pergolas or modules with different configuration options, manufactured with the same mechanized aluminum construction method used to make the brand’s furniture.   The MODULE 1 FLOOR 360×360 is a designer pergola that measures 360x360x250h cm. It features a No wood floor that you can customize with different finishes and highly resistant outdoor materials.   The essential design of this outdoor pergola harmonizes with elegance and discretion in any space. The different customization possibilities allow it to be configured with various types of enclosure systems, ceilings, powder-coated colors, electrification options, and dual-port USB connection.

Merendero Dining Booth

“Outdoor lunches and dinner on summer afternoons are when most time spent sharing memories and stories with our friends is. DINING BOOTH was conceived from our concern to offer a contemporary space for people of today who like to enjoy these moments in a special environment.” DINING BOOTH is an outdoor pergola made from thermo-lacquered aluminum in the sand, beige red, wine red, blue-grey, white, bronze, black, anthracite… and polyethylene. The roof and walls are made from plastic fabric canvasses available in a wide range of textures and colors. This outdoor dining area is designed to elegantly enjoy your outdoor space, from the garden of your home to large Contract projects.

Tres Al Fresco Sofa

“A sofa designed for the “AL FRESCO” enjoyment of any outdoor space. The ideal place to share in true Mediterranean style.”   TRES AL FRESCO is a designer sofa made from anodized or thermo-lacquered aluminum in bronze, cement grey, white, anthracite, and agate grey…, with a roof and walls made from canvas. The comfort comes from mini mattresses filled with polyurethane foam rubber covered with waterproof fabric, which are available in different textures and colours.   The characteristics of an indoor sofa moved to the outdoors of your terrace: a seat for 3, with privacy, comfort, and elegance. Combine them and create your chosen composition according to your needs.
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