Picnic Deckchair

“The combination of different fabrics and finishes creates living, happy and dynamic spaces.”
– José A. Gandia-Blasco Canales –


PICNIC is a collection of outdoor accessories that reinterprets the traditional deck and beach chairs made from wood and fabric used for sunbathing, through a fresh design and materials that are resistant to the outdoors. It is a natural extension of contemporary architecture.


The PICNIC deckchair is a designer deckchair made from thermo-lacquered aluminium and plastic material.


New textile finishes together with DEDAR Milano: the Mediterranean soul of GANDIABLASCO translates into six dyed magnetic striped patterns, offering excellent colour stability, on washable acrylic fabric that is resistant to humidity, sunshine and bad weather.


The retro-looking contrasts of Carrot stick, Cocco and Sale e Pepe show just a glimpse of what the ‘Strange loves’ selection by DEDAR Milano has to offer for GANDIABLASCO’s wide range of fabrics. From its monochrome version in white or grey, the maximum expression of the brand’s minimalist essence, to its most chic image with coloured structures and fabrics, Picnic exudes personality without stridency.


The PICNIC deckchair is an original design by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales for GANDIABLASCO.





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