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Automatic Bifolding Gate

Efficient Protection
Efficient Protection
Proofed In Every Conditions
Proofed In Every Conditions
State of Art Technology
State of Art Technology
Design Support
Design Support
Technical Assistance
Technical Assistance


Baroon Automatic Bifolding Gate manufactures all kinds of Manual and Automatic gates according to the preference of the customer. Gates mostly used to control the access of the people entering a facility into a secured area.
Customization of the Gate Design and color scheming with an option of up to 200 RAL standards offered. Complete installation of the Gates is done by our team of highly trained professionals. Automatic Gates by us are not only aesthetically designed on the exterior but are also mechanically the best in the market with very smooth operation.
Our gates can accessed with remotes for the opening and closing of the gates & the number of remotes for each gate provided can increase up to 4 No’s depending on the customer preference. Electric sliding gates guarantee a completely secure environment with electric locks that control to stop time while the gate moving. Various safety devices are provided to make sure that our gates meet the highest safety standardsAutomatic Bifolding Gate


We specialize in the fabrication of various types of Gates according to the preferred material of the customer Metal Gates, Stainless Steel Gates, and Aluminum Gate, and use some sliding gate kits. The materials used for the manufacturing of the product are of the best quality that comes with Test certificates as we believe in delivering the best service to our customers. Our gates can used for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

Automatic Bifolding Gate

Bi-fold gates, also known as speed gates, which use a smart Technology, according-like structure to accelerate for opening and closing. These gates occupy very less space they enable you to completely seal off your entry point to maximise security. Our Trackless Bi-folding speed gate comprises a unique drive mechanism to control the opening and closing of a bi-folding set of gates. This mechanism converts and controls leaves producing a smooth but fast action. This unique design allows the gate to operate without, the use of a bottom or top track.

Our bifolding gates are a compact solution to your Security needs where space is limited. The bi- folding gates are automatic, running Smooth and Quietly.

  • They take up half the space of a standard swing gates
  • More usable & accessible space
  • Extremely versatile
  • Complicated Angled entrance
  • Completely trackless
  • Extremely Smooth & quiet
  • Provides security to those who never could have it before
  • Less power to operate
  • Mechanism – Less wear and tear on the motor

Operated Through

Remote Access

Wireless keypad

Push button

Mobile phone


Best Quality Standards

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Quality Control System
  • Commitment to Customers
  • Highly Professional Team
  • On Time Delivery


  • Technical Assistance
  • Longevity
  • Efficient Protection
  • Proofed In Every Condition
  • Start of Art Technology
  • Design Support


  • Flashing light
  • Remote transmitter
  • Key selector
  • Push button
  • Photo cells

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